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Vietnam landscape introduction
Date: 2016-02-25
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 Vietnam is a narrow country, east of the South China Sea Chinese, west of Laos and Kampuchea border. From the northern lush terrace and forest covered mountains, central plateau picturesque valley, to the south of the Fertile delta and beautiful beaches, Vietnam has excellent scenery. The national assembly of the rapid development of the city, colonial towns, traditional villages and archaeological sites and otherworldly island. Now quickly follow states "touropia" web site recently reported and went into the country of Vietnam Vietnam and the United States, to explore the ten best resorts to it.


The beauty of the mountain

Located in the central coast of Vietnam, the Wei Chuan County Wei Fu Xiang nearby, it is an important archaeological site. As one of the most famous monuments in Southeast Asia, the United States was once an important center of the Hindu ceremony. In the fourth century to the 14th century between, accounted for the king of the city of once here built many temples, to express the respect of one of the Hindu god Shiva.


Mekong Delta

Vietnam is located in the south-west, there are countless reasons to attract you to this a visit, including colorful water market, fruit garden, rice, sugar cane, bird sanctuary and the quaint little village. It also has a nickname is Vietnam's "rice basket", here is an agricultural region. The region of the Mekong River has produced many canals and streams, and fertile soil irrigation. The Mekong River Delta from the Gulf of Thailand has been extended to the city of Hu Zhiming, paddy field, orchard and pond products for more than 1/3 of Vietnam's population feeding.


Nha Trang

Located in the south central Vietnam Nha Trang, located in the beautiful coast of Asia gulf. It is a popular seaside resort, picturesque mountains, beaches and lush, green island has attracted numerous tourists, Vietnam locals and diving enthusiasts. Nha Trang beach is the most important charming point, the beach resort, there are many palm trees is a line of people walking down the road. Playground and water park has a roller coaster and a wave pool.



Hue is located in central Vietnam Xiang River, was the former Nguyen Dynasty empire. Now, this dynasty once the glory of the traces of reaction in hue architecture, culture and delicacy. Imperial City of hue is the most famous scenic spots, magnificent palaces, magnificent temples, walls and doors irregular which is located. The Thien Mu Pagoda is located on the river is another famous scenic spots of hue.


Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long Bay has a light green sea water, its exposed limestone rock like a dragon in the water in general, just like the scene in the fantasy novel. Ha Long Bay is located in the north of Vietnam, 130 km east of Hanoi. This otherworldly bay with more than two thousand seat Jungle Island, the island is full of fascinating caves, caves, sinkholes and lakes. The island is many centuries of natural carving that formed the wonderful shape.


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